Eating in Halong Bay

Eating in Halong Bay
In an atmosphere of elegant luxury, you can enjoy sumptuous buffets and tasty menus served by a crew in traditional Vietnamese costumes – fine dining harmoniously combined with the aromas of the sea
Halong Bay Cuisine & Foods is famous because of many kinds of seafood like not only lobster, squid, oysters but also snails. A range of culinary creations from both international and local cuisines.

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One of the memorable experiences is enjoy the local food, Halong Bay is famous for variety cuisines with seafood that tourist not to be missed when travelling here. You can find plenty of fresh seafood caught in the morning and served in your dinner at very affordable price. The culinary scene in Ha Long Bay is often overshadowed by the highly popular splendid island, and it deserves more than that, simply because the food is really excellent. You’ll find it hard to resist the plump shrimp, the delicate blush of an octopus tentacle, the meatiness of the rich crab meat served in a really light delicate broth made of clam nectar and garlic, and garnished with tiny slices of juicy limes.

Our restaurant and bar are places of discovery and sharing with others. They combine tradition and freshness of rich oriental cuisine with the latest culinary trends from around the world. Our menus are the result of a creative European and Vietnamese fusion that crosses traditional gastronomy boundaries. In an atmosphere of elegant luxury, you can enjoy sumptuous buffets and tasty menus served by a crew in traditional Vietnamese costumes – fine dining harmoniously combined with the aromas of the sea. A wide selection of the best vintages from around the world will complement fine fusion cuisine and creative Asian-inspired flavours.

Halong Bay is truly a paradise for active visitors, offers travelers variety of activities, including boat trips, swimming, fishing, snorkeling & sea kayaking, rock climbing, cycling and trekking, wellness exercises. Like other coastal areas of North Vietnam, Halong has a wide variety of seafood specialties. The most popular are:

  • Squid sausages: Firstly, we cannot fail to mention Squid Sausages. This famous specialty is processed with fresh squid. What made special flavor to fried squid is the hands pounding technique, instead of grinding as many other places. After tasting spices, the patties are fried on a pan with boiling oil. It makes the squid sausage more crunchy and charming.
  • Snail: Another famous seafood dish in Halong bay is snail. Halong has a variety of snail so that if you hear about it, you have to ask to repeat or need a pen and paper to record because it is hard for you to remember: hương snail (Flavor), đĩa snail (plate), vặn snail (twisted), Gai snail (prickle), ... Served with snail is the special sauces to make that dish more tasty.
  • Arca (ngan): lives under mud and has two shells, it is as big as a cup and it can be steamed, grilled or made into soup. "Ruou ngan" (arca wine) is a specialty of Halong, which is highly nutritious and simple to process. You also should to try ¨Ngán¨. You will be surprised with its name that means ¨boring¨ in Vietnamese. However it is considered as the most delicious dish in Halong.
  • Tu Hai: It is a pity when you travel to Halong without enjoying Tu Hai. If you have once enjoyed, surely that you will not forget the typical taste of this seafood. Tu Hai can be steamed, make salad, cooked soup, grilled….. The appetizer with steamed Tu Hai has cool and sweet taste and it can be said that this is the most delicious, nutritious dish.
  • Sopuncuchlac (sa sung): are varieties of sea worm that live in the sand and are about 4 cm in long, with tiny veins running lengthwise, It lives deeply in the sand and only in Quan Lan island (Quang Ninh Province). This species is peculiar to Halong. After processing the fresh sopuncuchlac it should be stir-fried with celery and leeks or grilled. It goes well with beer drinking, especially as a noodle consommé.
  • Holothuriodiac: is referred to as sea ginseng. There are two kinds, black and white. It looks like a cucumber with a soft body. It is prepared with pork, chicken, and bamboo shoots and dried pigskin as a dinner dish.
  • Sepia esculenta: is a kind of large cuttlefish weighing up to 2kg., which can be prepared with leeks, garlic leaves or boiled. The fresh Sepia esculenta can be dried, grilled or fried with sweet and sour source. It goes well with beer and it makes a good present for friends after a trip.
  • "Blood" shellfish: has been a famous seafood specialty in Indochina for some years. It can be steamed with beer, fried or boiled and eaten with pepper-salt.
  • Teredo: lives in the aegiceras and mangroves, mostly at the foot of the mountains. Opening two hard and sharp shells reveals the teredo's meat. It is prepared with egg and flour or used for soup and is a popular dish.

Besides these sea products, there are the usual seafood specialties such as: shrimp, crab, garruppa fish, pomfret fish, threadfin fish etc. Savoured at the sundeck with a glass of wine or cold cocktail, watching the beautiful silhouettes of limestone formations as the sun sets across the Gulf of Tonkin.

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