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Get the most out of your vacation with our expert cruise advice. We'll give you tips on what to pack for your Halong Bay trip, how to save money on a cruise, when to cruise, which cabin to choose and what to do onboard your cruise ship. Plus, learn how to solve cruise problems and stay safe during your travels in Halong Bay.
September Cruises - Best Halong Bay Cruises of Sep 2018
In the September, there will be less sunshine in Ha Long Bay, the sky and water seem to merge into one, the breeze wind carrying the salty smell of the sea brings us a gentle and relaxed feeling. Taking a September cruise is a great time of year to enjoy Halong Bay.
Reasons for Halong bay Cruise Cancellation
Many distinct features of sub-tropical weather will most likely to occur, such as: tropical storm, typhoon, thick fog, tropical monsoon, cyclone, and thunderstorm…  Bad weather like these will affect greatly on your cruise which usually lead to cancelation

What bad weather in Halong Bay?
The weather can vary a lot in Halong Bay, depending on the month you select for your cruise. When researching weather for your intended visit and the weather information will hopefully help you unravel the complexities.
Halong Bay - Best Budget Cruises to Book Now!
Visit Halong Bay - What should you consider the next time you’re looking to book a cheap cruise vacation? Well, the first thing to remember is that not all cruise are alike, so it’s important to figure out which one is best for you. Here is our inside scoop on the top budget cruise, ...
Top 5 ways to view Halong Bay from above
Halong Bay looks extremely different from another vantage point – above. There are 5 extraordinary ways to get a perfect view of Halong Bay from this perspective.
Top 1 site to book Halong bay tours and cruises
Halong Bay - Wherever you’re headed, here’s where to book Halong bay tours, cruises and holiday activities online.   Legend Travel Group Add: Suites 514 & 1312. 4F Building, Trung Hoa Street, Hanoi, Vietnam E: W: ...
Why Halong Bay?
Top Reasons for visiting Halong Bay: Reasons Why You Must Visit Halong Bay?. And Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in Halong Bay Vietnam?. If you are still unsure whether to put Halong Bay on your to-go list, let us give you some reasons to make up your mind. Halong Bay well deserves every ...
Why Halong Bay Charter Cruises?
Halong Bay Charter Cruises is perfect for individuals, couple, families, friends and company wishing for an exclusive private charter, customized charter cruise on Halong Bay. What do you think about a private cruise on Halong Bay? It’s surely the most wonderful and romantic experience for ...
Discover Halong Bay Top Destinations
No trip to Vietnam will be complete without a visit to Halong Bay. Known as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay appeals to world-wide tourists by its picturesque natural scenery.
Eating in Halong Bay
In an atmosphere of elegant luxury, you can enjoy sumptuous buffets and tasty menus served by a crew in traditional Vietnamese costumes – fine dining harmoniously combined with the aromas of the sea
Best Seasons to Rock Climb in Halong Bay
Halong Bay is possible to climb at any time of the year in Halong Bay as it is one of the areas of Vietnam which experiences some of the least rainfall in the country.
Halong Bay: Weather & when to go?
There is not really a right or wrong time to visit Halong Bay as during most months of the year you will experience both sunshine and rain in varying quantities. When researching weather for your intended visit and the following information will hopefully help you unravel the complexities. Welcome ...
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