First Time Trip to Halong Bay in June

Explore Halong Bay for first time in June with a luxury cruise is one of the most ideal plans. Halong Bay Cruises normally include transport to and from Hanoi, meals, some drinks, accommodation, entertainment and excursions. This Halong Bay tour is perfect for first time travelers.

Things To Keep In Mind As You Are Planning Your First Trip To Halong Bay in June Every Year

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1. Why Halong Bay in June?

Halong Bay is one of the world’s natural wonders, and is the most beautiful tourist destination of Vietnam. Halong Bay features more than one thousand awesome limestone karsts and islands of various sizes and shapes along the coastline of Halong Beach. The best way to tour, see and enjoy Halong Bay scenery is cruise trips and cruise around the bay's islands. In the early morning, while standing on the sundeck and watching the unfurled sails on the sea, you will feel the blue sky and sea merge into one like an amazing watercolor painting of the sea. In the evening, release your soul in a melodious music under the fanciful moonlight on the bay and enjoy the silence of the sea to completely immerse yourself in the nature.

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2. What is the weather?

June is a starting time for busy domestic tourist season in Halong Bay. This is a typical month for summer in Vietnam with the temperature fluctuating from 31 – 390C. The weather at Bay is actually more pleasant with wind blow from the sea and you will not feel the whole scorching heat. The precipitation in June is high with over 1,000mm. Heavy rains occur more frequent.

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3. Travel tips for Halong Bay in June

June is the starting time of peak tourist season for domestic travelers. This is the time that students begin their summer holiday. Many families come to Quang Ninh to avoid the sweltering heat of summer, especially in weekend. Therefore, you should travel Halong Bay at weekday to avoid the crowd.

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4. How to Get to Halong Bay?

In order to get to Halong Bay, travelers need to fly to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Most the travelers will spend a day and explore the capital and travel to Halong Bay the next day. You can get from Hanoi to Halong Bay by the 4 main transports, which includes motorbike, coach, shuttle bus, private car and helicopter. The traveling time from the Hanoi to Halong only 2.5 hours by car. So travellers, who have limited time still can visit Ha Long Bay from Hanoi and back in the same day.

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5. How Long to Spend in Halong Bay?

There are a few options for visiting Ha Long Bay, but most will choose to take a cruise for either one or two nights, 2 days in Ha Long Bay is highly recommended, but 1 day is also possible in case your schedule is quite tight, 3 days can be a good choice if you have time. Prices vary by cruise boat, date and itinerary so it is always a good idea to compare each and every itinerary. Best website to book Halong Bay tours:

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6. Best Cruise Recommendations and How Much?

Based on online reviews and feedback from other travelers and from travel agencies, as you browse through our list of Halong Bay cruises, be confident that you are looking at the very best one for Halong Bay. We are selective in partnerships, and only present to you the cruise trips that meet safety and security standard as well as offering customers the best experience of the Bay. On the other hand, we want to give you as many choices as possible. Comprehensive quality cruise listing is our priority:

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The only way to discover Halong Bay of course is on the water. There are hundreds of tour boats to visit Halong Bay ranging from budget to luxury. Most of the boats are extremely well equipped, well run and offer sumptuous accommodation and superb dining. Here’s Everything you need to know about Halong Bay cruise prices. Prices vary by cruise boat, date and itinerary so it is always a good idea to compare each and every itinerary. The price for budget 2 Days 1 Night Halong Bay cruise can be as low as 109-120 USD. Paying between US$125 and US$160 should get you a worthwhile overnight Mid-Range Cruise. Pros: Competition is fierce, which means plenty of operators add freebies into the itinerary, such as kayaking and private minibus transfers from Hanoi, It is a lovely way to spend a few days.

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7. What to Eat?

Halong Bay Cuisine is famous because of many kinds of seafood like not only lobster, squid, oysters but also snails. A range of culinary creations from both international and local cuisines. In an atmosphere of elegant luxury, you can enjoy sumptuous buffets and tasty menus served by a crew in traditional Vietnamese costumes. Eating delicious foods, meeting awesome people, visiting one of world heritage sites and sharing memorable moments with your beloved, how could it be more incredible!


8. Things to Do

During your cruise you will have the option to join a number of activities, depending on your specific itinerary and local conditions. From Halong Bay activities, everyone can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to do their own thing, on their own time. Swim, Kayaking, cycling, trekking, Discover grottos and caves, Visit a floating village or bonding experiences are around every corner. You will be informed by cruise staff about the scheduling of activities, and staff members are always available to answer questions about these activities.

9. What to Bring?

Carry-on luggage is usually filled with the little things we want to have from home to make our journey more comfortable. There is only one simple rule for you to follow when it comes to packing for a cruise trip: simple and light. Good packing will totally increase the enjoyment of your experience in Halong Bay. To help prepare for your magnificent Halong Bay adventure, Before going on a cruise, make a checklist of things you need to bring: Sun Glasses, Sun Block, Wide Brim Hat, Insect Repellent, Swimming Suits, Original Passport.

10. How to Book Halong Bay Cruise this month?

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