Vietnam Festivals

Halong Bay festivals is very diverse with both traditional and modern festivals. Halong Bay cruise would like to introduce to you all of festivals and events of Halong bay also Quang Ninh Province. With many festival and event, Halong bay attraction many of foreign tourist. Lets go and join together in the festivals and events of Halong bay with us
Full-Moon Festival for Kids
Over time Mid-Autumn Festival has come to be known as Children’s Festival. Festival has become the most important celebration of children in Vietnam, an event that sets its center on the children from concept, music, activities, foods, decoration, and gift-giving. There will be a lot ...
Full-Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu)
Full-Moon Festival is held on 15th day of the eighth lunar month to celebrate biggest full- moon in the year. In Vietnam, this festival is for children specially and children are center of all activities on that day.
Vietnamese New Year - Tet
Considered the first day of spring and most important of national holidays in Vietnam, Tet is the occasion for Vietnamese to express their respect and remembrance for their ancestors as well as welcoming the New Year with their beloved family members
Vietnam National Day
Vietnam celebrates National Day every 2 September, one of the most significant holidays in the Vietnamese calendar, to remember the day in 1945 that Vietnam declared its independence from French colonial control. It is the day on which Ho Chi Minh read aloud Vietnam’s Declaration of ...
Halong Bay Carnival
"Halong Carnaval" is the biggest annual festival in Halong which attracts a huge number of tourists each year. Tourists coming to Halong Bay will be dazzled by colorful and bustling atmosphere of this Carnaval festival. Halong Carnaval has become an excellent tourism product in Halong ...
Yen Tu Festival
Yen Tu Festival is held at Yen Tu Mountain, Uong Bi Town, Quang Ninh Province. The festival is from the 10th day of the first lunar month to the end of the third lunar month.
Tra Co Festival
Tra Co Festival takes place yearly in Tra Co Communal House in Mong Cai Town, Quang Ninh Province. The festival is held in a week, from the 30th day of the fifth lunar month to the 6th day of the sixth lunar month.
Quan Lan Festival
Quan Lan Festival is celebrated at Dinh Wharf on Quan Lan Island, Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province. The festival lasts ten days, from the 10th day to the 20th day of the sixth lunar month.
Cua Ong Festival
Cua Ong Festival is annually held in Cua Ong Temple, Quang Ninh Province. It last from the second day of the firth lunar month to the end of the third lunar month of the year.
Bach Dang Festival
Bach Dang Festival is a traditional festival held yearly on the eighth day of the forth lunar month. The festival takes place in Tran Hung Dao Temple and Vua Ba Temple (Female King Temple) in Yen Hung District, Quang Ninh Province.
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