Full-Moon Festival for Kids

Over time Mid-Autumn Festival has come to be known as Children’s Festival. Festival has become the most important celebration of children in Vietnam, an event that sets its center on the children from concept, music, activities, foods, decoration, and gift-giving. There will be a lot going on the 14th and especially 15th nights. Everything is abundant from the roistering drum noise on the streets to the foods each family prepares for the gathering under the moonlight.

Everything You Need To Know About Full-Moon Festival for Kids

An event that sets its center on the children from concept, music, activities, foods, decoration, and gift-giving. These were indispensable parts of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations of children in the pre-Internet time.


Traditional handmade toys

Activities depicting how Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated in the past, with a collection of traditional handmade toys for children.

How to celebrate?

The preparation of Full Moon Festival in Vietnam starts averagely a month in advance. When the stalls are put up on the big streets’ sidewalks to sell all kinds of mooncake, it’s the first reminder of the festival. City dwellers try to arrange their schedules to go back home or visit their parents. Kids talk about new clothes, toys and lanterns weeks before the day. Streets turn even more colorful than they do during Tet. Organizations make trips to remote areas to give the kids there a fulfilling Mid-Autumn day…. It’s a warm and cozy atmosphere when Vietnamese people turn back to treasure their core values – family bond and deep empathy for others.

As tumultuous, fun and exciting as it should be, a performance of unicorn dance on a street of Vietnam during Mid-autumn festival is a wonderful thing to show your kids (or yourself). Walk on every main street of any major city in Vietnam, you’ll easily find a crowd enjoying the dance.


Made of lotus seed paste and salted duck egg yolk, this traditional pastry is sold and eaten by the bushel during the Mid-Autumn Festival. As the festival approaches you’ll be bound to see them in every shop and bakery around city, as well as in hotel kitchens and restaurant tea specials. Local bakeries.

Where is the Festival for Kids?

Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in some Asian countries including Vietnam, China and South Korean on the 15th day of the eighth Lunar month every year.

Top things to do

When the moon is on, the streets are lightened by paper lanterns of different colors. Kids parade down the streets, wearing masks of different characters and holding lanterns in their hands. The night has become much more delightful with the lion dances, the sounds from the drums, the laughter of the kids, and their singing also.

Children and adults alike can watch lion dances, listen to folk songs, make mooncakes, the festival’s must-have delicacy, as well as learning to make traditional toys such as paper mask and kites, and to he, or dough figurines.

They will also be able to join many folk games such as seesaw, swinging, slides, triangular hills climbing, and bamboo pole dance. Meanwhile, young visitors will have a chance to know how their grandparents and parents observed the full-moon festival in Halong Bay.

Ways to Enjoy a Full-Moon Festival for Kids

Visiting Vietnam in this period, you could see the streets full of décor items for the Moon Festival. Not only kids but adults also feel elated at this event. To enable tourists to have more chances to attend such this event, many Halong Bay tour operators have celebrated this festival during their trips, and overnight Halong Bay Cruise is not an exception. Immersing yourself in the cheery vibe of this special Vietnamese festival is definitely a great way to get exposed to the culture of this S-shaped land and Do not miss the chance to taste the sweet, delicious Vietnamese mooncakes.

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