3 Tips for Picking the Halong Bay Cruise Cabin Right for You

3 Tips for Picking the Halong Bay Cruise Cabin Right for You There were once such simple rules for choosing a cabin on a cruise in Halong Bay, First, you should know these 3 things when choosing your Halong Bay cruise cabin


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3 Tips for Picking the Halong Bay Cruise Cabin Right for You

Now that you’ve got the type of room you’d like down pat, it’s time to consider where on the ship you’d prefer your room to be. Here are some things to consider to help you plan the perfect onboard experience:

1. The closer you are to the centre of the Halong Bay cruise, the less rocky it will be. If you tend to get sea sick, opt for a cabin in the centre of the ship or at least close to the bottom. It doesn’t sound as glamorous as being high up on the deck, but the rooms lower down are a lot more stable.


2. The noisiest rooms are the ones closest to the entertainment venues and engine. If you want a good night’s rest, keep away from the entertainment areas, which are usually on the upper decks at the front or back of the Halong Bay cruises. The engine is situated low and at the back of the boat, and if you’re too close it could also keep you up at night.


3. Forward, aft-facing and corner balconies often have the best view Halong Bay. Rooms at the front or back of the boat can offer larger-sized balconies and less obstructed views than rooms down the side. The downside to aft-facing balconies is that they’re sometimes stepped-out, so passengers above you might be able to look out onto your verandah.

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