August Cruises - Pick a Aug 2020 Cruise to Enjoy Halong Bay

August Cruises - Pick a Aug 2020 Cruise to Enjoy Halong Bay Cruising in August offers some of the most attractions include Halong Bay cruises, Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba cruises, Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay cruises, with many great options available for travellers looking to trip in August. August is the perfect time of year to sail in Ha Long Bay of the year.

August Cruises - Everything you Need to Know about Ha Long Bay Cruise in August 2020


1. Explore Halong Bay in August

Visiting HaLong Bay in August, you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of Ha Long in the summer, Ha Long Bay is always pretty no matter what the season is and make visitors amazed with not only its mysterious but also charming and romantic nature. August weather is also very suitable for kayaking to visit the caves. Kayaking by yourself, contemplating the caves and cliffs by you own eyes, you will be overwhelmed by the magic of the nature.

2. What is the weather?

August can be seen as the best month in the year to visit Halong Bay, this sunny time allows you enjoy many outdoor activities and have a relaxing time on the sandy beaches. In addition, storms normally do not reach Halong Bay in this early time of summer.


Summer officially starts in Halong bay in August with the average temperature of 29.5oC. Night time temperature is at 25oC while the maximum day time temperature can spike to 35oC. The average daily sunshine time is 8 hours. In this month, the average rainfall is 175mm and an estimated some days of rain. However, the rain will not last long during the days but a short time.

3. Things to Do?

  • In the early morning, standing on the sundeck and watching the unfurled sails on the sea, you will feel like the blue sky and sea merge into one like an amazing watercolor painting of the sea.
  • In the evening, release your soul in a melodious music under the fanciful moonlight on the bay and enjoy the silence of the sea to completely immerse yourself in the nature.

  • Kayaking
  • Sunbathing
  • Trekking
  • Cycling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Clean The Bay
  • Tai Chi
  • Cooking Class
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Squid Fishing
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Join Agriculture Tour

4. What to eat?

You can find plenty of fresh seafood caught in the morning and served in your dinner at very affordable price. The culinary scene in Ha Long Bay is often overshadowed by the highly popular splendid island, and it deserves more than that, simply because the food is really excellent. You’ll find it hard to resist the plump shrimp, the delicate blush of an octopus tentacle, the meatiness of the rich crab meat served in a really light delicate broth made of clam nectar and garlic, and garnished with tiny slices of juicy limes.

Fresh Seafood

5. How long to spend in Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful sightseeing in Vietnam. Therefore, it is a must-see destination for everyone travel to Vietnam both short and long time. There is more than one answer depending on what you look for in your vacation. How Long Should I Stay in Halong Bay? Normally, people will need to stay in Halong Bay for 2 days to 3 days either on cruise. 2 days in Ha Long Bay is highly recommended, but 3 days can be a good choice if you have time.

Emperor cruise
  • 2 Days 1 Night August Cruises
Treat yourself to an overnight Halong Bay cruise, offering the time to enjoy the bay's magnificent scenery of countless rugged limestone islands. As you cruise through the bay, enjoy traditional Vietnamese and fusion cuisine served on the Halong Bay Cruises. Pause for a swim in the azure waters and lay back on one of the secluded beaches scattered throughout the bay. Make the most of your boat's sundeck and take in the sunset, or join a Tai Chi session held at first light. - Best website to book the 2 day / 1 night cruise gives you the chance to explore more of the bay, while leaving you plenty of time to see the rest of Vietnam's attractions.

  • 3 Days 2 Nights August Cruises
If you are looking for more from your Halong Bay experience, consider a 3 day / 2 night cruise. Dedicated three days to Halong considerably expands what you can do while in the bay. You'll be able to explore the entire area, cruising through corners of the bay far from the busier routes plied by those on day trips. Meet residents of a remote fishing village and learn about how they live. Kayak into hidden lagoons and take your time paddling around mysterious islands, of which there is always one more. Relaxing on your boat amidst these ethereal surroundings, you will hardly notice another day slip by, and disembarkation comes all too soon. Immerse yourself in all that has to offer, with a Halong Bay 2 nights cruise.

V'Spirit Premier Cruise

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