Best Time To Visit Lan Ha Bay

Best Time To Visit Lan Ha Bay  The best time of year to visit Lan Ha Bay is during the spring or autumn thanks to the pleasant weather, skies are clear and low chance of rain. Here are what you need to know before your first cruise.

Best Time To Travel To Lan Ha Bay
Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Lan Ha Bay


1. Why Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is a small bay located 10km from the south of Cat Ba. Luckily, it still remains pristine and unspoiled. A great choice if you prefer to enjoy the purity of nature. Some cruise boats even offer you a night sleeping in a resort in Cat Ba. Right at the southern part of famous Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is known as the twin of Halong with an intense concentration of limestone mountains which partition the sea surface into smaller bays and gulfs. Lan Ha Bay is less famous than its twin and still under tourists’ radar; therefore, this bay remains its pristine nature with many untouched lagoons, bays, and caves. Then coming to Lan Ha Bay, you will have a chance to get closer to local fishing life and are less likely to see as many tour boats and ships passing, never need to worry about the crowd. The bay has up to 139 golden sandy beaches, small but pretty and isolated as “blue straits” inviting tourists to explore. Many sandy beaches stretching between two rocky mountains, quiet with no big waves, are really the ideal beaches.


2. When is the best time to visit Lan Ha Bay?

This question is not the only answer. Because each visitor has a different taste and needs. Someone like to bathe the summer months are the most beautiful Lan Ha Bay, someone love to see the fog is seen in Lan Ha Bay winter are ecstatic, someone said Fall more romantic. In summary, "When is the best time to visit Lan Ha Bay?" When is the best time to travel to Lan Ha Bay really depends on your own definition of a perfect trip.


If you are most concerned about weather, then the periods February through April (Spring) and October through December (Fall) are ideal for a trip to Lan Ha Bay. The dry climate and pleasant temperature will enable you to enjoy all activities offered on board while making sightseeing as perfect as it could be.

If you are a budget minded travelers, then schedule your trip between May and September. This is often considered the low season and many cruise ships offer massive sale off on cabin: you can save as much as 50% on a cruise trip compared with other time in a year.  However, the months of July – August often see sporadic hurricanes and storms, which may render cancellation and delay of your trip. In those cases, you can switch around by visiting another destination in the North of Vietnam and visit Lan Ha Bay later. These storms will not last longer than 3-4 days.

If you do not have the option of time, then be rest assured that you will enjoy your trip as much as when you do no in another month or day of the year. The Bay is filled with sunlight and rain usually does not last long. In warmer season you can take advantage of swimming opportunity and in cooler season you will enjoy Lan Ha Bay like no-one else: imagine a steamy BBQ lunch by the caves in one of the most gorgeous natural complex of the world – it’s all about experience.

3. What Is The Best Time?

Those who want a romantic stunning ocean view with a touch of glamor should check out Lan Ha Bay. Don’t miss a chance to create a memory with your beloved one. Lan Ha Bay is worth visiting the whole year round for its different beauty in every single season. There are four seasons in Lan Ha: the wet and hot summer, the cool autumn, the cold and dry winter, and the warm spring. The average annual temperature of Lan Ha is around 15°C to 25°C.

4. Which Month is the Most Beautiful?

This question is not the only answer. Because each visitor has a different taste and needs. People like to bathe the summer months are the most beautiful Lan Ha Bay. People love to see the fog is seen in Lan Ha Bay months are ecstatic, someone said Fall more romantic. There are many people asserted Lan Ha Bay Winter is great. In summary, "Which month is the most beautiful in Lan Ha Bay?"


With International visitors: Best time to visit Lan Ha Bay from October through April, after the heat and humidity of the summer, the cooler temperatures – usually between 15oC to 23oC – are perfect for sightseeing and touristic activities. While rain and mist is more common at this time of year, the conditions give Lan Ha Bay an ethereal quality and do not hamper its beauty in any way.

With Vietnamese visitors: Based on the number of Vietnamese tourists visiting Lan Ha each year. It can be seen, June, July and August is the time most Vietnamese visitors to choose to Lan Ha Bay. The reason is because in June, July and August is the summer, the hottest weather is in the North. Therefore, many tourists choose to Lan Ha Bay to cool, bathing and enjoy water activities. Going to the caves of Lan Ha discovery is also suitable because the cave is cooler outside. Another reason is that, this time on the summer vacation of the students so many families choose to reward their children a vacation Vietnam after a tired school year. Therefore, the whole family can come to Lan Ha to rest this time.

Therefore, It is possible to visit Lan Ha Bay year-round but depending on the time schedule of each visitor will choose a suitable month to visit Lan Ha Bay. Don't forget to check all things need to know before travel to Lan Ha Bay, The Best Site to Book a Cruise

5. Which Cruise to Take in Lan Ha Bay?

Based on online reviews and feedback from other travelers and from travel agencies, As you browse through our list of Lan Ha Bay cruises, be confident that you are looking at the very best ones for Lan Ha Bay. We are selective in partnerships, and only present to you the cruise trips that meet safety and security standard as well as offering customers the best experience of the Bay. On the other hand, we want to give you as many choices as possible, comprehensive quality cruise listing is our priority, check out our list of Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises by click on, all of which offer expert transport through, entrance fees, meals on board, insurance on board and activities in the bay for a range of different budgets.

6. How to Get to Lan Ha Bay?

International visitors to Vietnam annually often cite charming Lan Ha Bay as one of their favourite destinations. Lan Ha Bay is about 134 kilometers from Hanoi. Its access point is Cat Ba, the largest island of the region. Therefore, to visit Lan Ha Bay, the first step is getting there, travelers need to fly to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Most the travelers will spend a day and explore the capital and travel to Lan Ha Bay the next day. You can get from Hanoi to Cat Ba island by the 3 main transports, which includes motorbike, coach, shuttle bus and private car. The traveling time from the Hanoi to Cat Ba from 2.5 to 4 hours by car or bus. From the centre of Cat Ba, travelling to Ben Beo, you can buy the sightseeing ticket then hiring boat to the place you want. If you just want to visit the surrounding places of bay ( near the coastline),you can hire motorboat from the locals for convenience. With the large group, you can hire boat at pier.

7. How to Book Lan Ha Bay Cruise?

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