First time taking a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise?

First time taking a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise? To help ease the anxiety felt by novices, Here are what you need to know before your first cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay, which will help ensure smooth sailing.


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First time taking a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise? Here are what you need to know before your first cruise.


1. Choose the right cruise

It’s important to consider how big is the boat, how many cabins it has and how many passengers it accommodates. If you want to spend your trip with worldwide tourists, go for a medium to large boat. On a bigger boat, there are more new people to make friends and more public spaces to move to, especially if you want some alone-time.


If you’re on a honeymoon or travelling with your family or friends, consider chartering your own small boat. Yet, one thing to take note: smaller boats may get you seasick more easily.

Normally, there will be around 3 - 5 different categories on a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise. Let's review the different types of cruise accommodations to help you pick the best cabin on a ship according to your needs and style. Whichever cruise company you choose, make sure to check the number of cabins before you book. A boat of more than 20 cabins is considered big, so get well-prepared with crowds!

Renea Cruises

Instead of spending days researching cruise boats and itineraries, find a travel agent who specializes in Bai Tu Long Bay cruises and, more important, actually takes many of them, Each cruise boat has its own personality, and a cruise specialist Bai Tu can find you the best cruise.

2. Pick the right cabin

One of the most difficult is how to choose the best cabin type and cabin location for your budget and lifestyle interests. Cabin choices are typically simple: interior (no view), exterior (ocean view with a window or porthole), balcony ( exterior room with a private balcony ) and suite (a larger cabin often with separate living and sleeping areas and a private balcony). In fact, there are a lot of options varying from wooden private boat around 4-10 cabins to wooden boutique cruise over 12 cabins if you’re looking for an old and classic vibe and big metal boat with contemporary and spacious design.

Genesis Regal Cruise

3. What are the cruise routes?

Although the whole area is mostly known as Halong Bay, there are in fact 3 different bays: Ha Long, Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha Bay. They all have a similar charming landscape of limestone cliffs, gorgeous bays, caves and beaches. Here is a quick look of cruise routes that helps you decide between these three bays:

Bai Tu Long Bay

This itinerary combines the best of Halong Bay with some more remote areas in Bai Tu Long Bay. However, Bai Tu Long is harder to reach, with fewer accessible caves, so you should expect a higher price for this tour.

4. What activities are on cruise?

Don’t forget to check what activities are included during your cruising tour. Consider your interests then choose the best activities in Bai Tu Long Bay you want to engage in:

  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Exploring caves
  • Visiting floating villages
  • Squid fishing
  • Cooking class
  • Tai Chi exercises
  • Spa

5. Which food will be served?

Cruise boats might serve Vietnamese food, Euro-Asian fusion, and Western dishes, and of course seafood will be in abundance. But, what if you have allergies or you are a vegetarian? Don’t worry, most cruises can accommodate your dietary preferences, whatever they are, just notice your cruise beforehand about your special diet within at least 24 hours before departure. Please check out our cruise listings highly recommended cruises https://www.Bai Tu for their special care to meet travelers’ requests.

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Chan May Ling
Do you have a 2 day 1 night cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay?
Best Regards, Halong Bay Cruise Team
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