What Happens If Your Halong Bay Cruise is Cancelled Due to Weather?

What Happens If Your Halong Bay Cruise is Cancelled Due to Weather? Full cancellations of Halong Bay cruises due to weather, If your cruise is cancelled due to the weather in Halong Bay, you will be issued a full refund. Partial refunds or credits are issued in cases of a cruise that is shortened because of inclement weather. So, based on the characteristics of the typhoon season, you can modify your itinerary to make the best out of your Halong Bay trips.

Everything You Need to Know Before Typhoon Season in Halong Bay

Vietnam is a tropical nation affected by the monsoon. During the monsoon season, which often starts from June to November, the precipitation is exceptionally high. Floodings and landslides may occur in the mountainous area. Some cities with poor drainage can also suffer from floods. In the coastal regions, gales and heavy rains block traffic and all beach activities. According to statistics accumulated annually, on average, there are about 5-6 storms and 2 – 3 tropical depressions to affect Vietnam every year. Typhoons are most concentrated in August, September, and October. The moving direction of the storm also varies by season. During the first half of the typhoon months, the trajectory of storms is to the northwest, north or northeast. As a result, Northern Vietnam, including such famous spots as Hanoi, Halong will be affected.

When is storm weather in Halong Bay?

Summer is the time when tropical storms break out in the area and bring heavy rainfall. The period from June to September is considered as storm weather in Halong Bay with many unpredictable weather conditions. Hence, cruises will be cancelled with short notice. In the end of summer and early autumn, there are heavy rains and powerful tropical storms with strong affection. September is often when the major storms in the south pacific tend to drift across towards Vietnam, sometimes leading to considerable damage.

Who decides the cancellation of the Halong Bay cruise?

The cancellation of the cruise is decided by the local authority in Halong Bay. They closely monitor the weather conditions; they usually do not give official notice but instead do not give permission for boats to go out. Most often in case of storms, final decision by the Halong Bay Management Board is usually known only at 3.00pm on the day of departure. Make sure to check updated news before your departure and listen to any advice that you are given on bad weather. Leave your contact details, such as your hotel in Hanoi or your mobile number in Vietnam to receive the cancellation news as soon as possible. HalongBayCruise.vn informs guests a day before the cruise.

What is Cancellation Policy due to Bad Weather?

In case cancellation news was informed before the departure from Hanoi, contact Halongbaycruise.vn to know cancellation time and when you could get the next trip or any alternative option. There are some day trips around Hanoi that you can consider (if you would love to). Also check your hotel booking in your hotel.

In case cancellation news was informed when you had arrived at Halong Bay, the cruise operator will arrange lunch for you and transfer back to Hanoi. You can choose to stay at hotel in Halong for the next day cruise (not recommended for cancellations due to storm with bad rainy weather and customers have to wait a number of days for cruising again).

In case cancellation news was informed when you had been doing trip in the bay, the trip would be shortened, other arrangement would be made by cruise operators. If the weather is expected to be better on the next day and you are on the first day of the trip, you will be advised to stay one night at a hotel in Halong instead of overnight on cruise and your trip will continue on the next day. If the weather is bad, Halongbaycruise.vn will arrange to transfer you back to hotel in Hanoi and you can choose other alternative option (if you want).

What to bring ?

  • Waterproof bags to prevent incidents that can damage your electronic devices such as cameras, phones, and other items.
  • Raincoat and umbrella
  • Napkins for easy cleaning when things get wet.
  • Do not forget to bring a scarf, as they will help you keep warm, prevent colds and fever due to changes of weather.
  • Anti-slip soled shoes or slippers for long-distance moving. If the shoes are wet, get shredded newspaper and place inside to dry the shoes quickly.
  • You will have to face to face with the risk of getting wet at any time while traveling in typhoon season. So you should choose the compact and simple clothes like a tank top, shorts or skirts instead of jeans or heavy knitted jacket. In addition, you should also bring the costumes that have easy dry material.
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