What is the best website to book a Halong Bay cruise?

What is the best website to book a Halong Bay cruise? HalongBayCruise.vn is the best site to book a cruise with no booking fees and the best price guaranteed. We are one of the leading cruise sites. Our travel company dedicated to providing its customers with access to great deals on cruise vacations.

Book a Halong Bay Cruise Online with the Best Cruise Finder and Cruise Booking Website https://www.HalongBayCruise.vn


HalongBayCruise.vn is a leading online cruise travel company dedicated to providing customers with better deals than any other cruise website and access to great deals on cruise vacations. Offering special rates and savings on cruise bookings with some of the most popular cruise boats in Halong Bay, we are so confident in our cruise packages that each and every deal is backed by a price guarantee. You won't find these prices on other cruise booking sites.

Since 2012, we've helped our customers find the perfect cruise packages and book dream cruise vacations for less. We are a cruise finder and booking website committed to helping you research all your cruise travel options to find a cruise that fits what you're looking for. After you find a cruise the perfect cruise, make your reservation with our cutting-edge booking engine.

We are the best site to book a cruise in Halong Bay with because we are driven by our passion for cruise boat travel. Book a cruise today and enjoy the excitement of cruising the Halong Bay with us!

1. What is HalongBayCruise.vn domain?

We using brand name ".VN" domain name of Vietnam is protected by Ministry of Information and Communications. Using brand name HalongBayCruise.vn in Vietnam is one of the best preventative measures we can take to secure our trademark and combat copyright infringement. With a .VN domain name will rank higher in local search results and in the hearts of the locals.


Show your connection to the Vietnamese culture and commitment to providing the best online booking experience in Halong Bay - Vietnam with .VN domain. HalongBayCruise.VN domain name is short, professional and memorable helping our website stand out in a sea of content online.

2. Which is the best online booking site?

HalongBayCruise.vn is the best cruise booking site in Halong Bay, It will help make your Halong Bay vacation dreams come true, with a vast selection of deals on some of the best cruises in Halong Bay, It can help you create the perfect vacation experience. When you use HalongBayCruise.vn to book your trip, you can rest assured that you will find what your vacation heart desires. You’ll find cheap rates for Halong bay cruises. Including Halong bay travel advise, Halong Bay tours and junk boat cruises which range from day trip to 2 days or 3 days overnight in the bay. All the tour and cruise is included transfer and daily departure from Hanoi Vietnam.

3. The Best Cruise Booking Site


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Hello, we are looking for 2 people for an exclusive (at least 4*) 2 night cruise on a private boat (boat for a maximum of 4 passengers) in Halong Bay. It is important that the itinerary is not the “classical” one, but that we can anchor away from the masses and sleep “alone”. It is from 13 to 15 August. Could you please make an offer? Thank you, Guido
Support team
Dear Mr. Guido, I would like to thank you for your kind interest in our services. As your request, I would like to offer you as below: - 3 days 2 nights on Prince Junk Cruise (for 2 passengers only) - Date: 13 – 15 August 2019 - Price: 2000 USD Please find images of Prince Junk https://www.halongbaycruise.vn/cruises/prince-cruise.html
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