What to pack for a Halong Bay cruise?

What to pack for a Halong Bay cruise? Carry-on luggage is usually filled with the little things we want to have from home to make our journey more comfortable. There is only one simple rule for you to follow when it comes to packing for a cruise trip: simple and light. Good packing will totally increase the enjoyment of your experience in Halong Bay. To help prepare for your magnificent Halong Bay adventure, Before going on a cruise, make a checklist of things you need to bring. These are must-have items and recommended ones to make your Halong cruise comfortable and enjoyable.

What to pack for a Halong Bay cruise?
19 Things to Pack for Your Halong Bay Cruise

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1. Personal document

Whenever traveling abroad, you must always bring along your passport just for any cases that might arise, You cannot embark the cruise without these papers. It is the only thing that can prove who you are and where you are from. So put it into a small separate bag which should be always carried with you. Even with the tightest packed backpack, you have to make room for your passport because without your passport you might not be allowed to get on board your cruise ship.

2. Cash and Cards

The currency in Halong Bay is the Vietnamese Dong. Mostly you have already paid the full payment before entering the ship, yet you might need to spend a few more during the journey such as purchasing some cocktails during the Happy Hour, buying souvenirs for your beloved ones back at home, or simply expressing your generosity to the professional staffs.

3. Small backpack

The best thing for travellers is a small backpack. Instead of carrying everything all along on board, you can just choose the necessities and use smaller suitcases for your Halong bay cruise, a small backpack helps you quickly grab your things and sprint to the deck outside to witness breath-taking sights, and leave the large ones in your Hanoi hotel. It will surely be more convenient for you to move around.

4. Book or diary

Immersing in the nature of Halong Bay, you will want to spend time in tranquility. Sipping some fresh juice and relaxing on sundeck with a good book or diary in hands, what else is more important? For travelers who just want to enjoy the scene and relax, or those taking a long 3 day 2 night trip and are afraid of being bored, reading your favorite books with a cup of tea on top of the cruise boat looking at the blue skies, or writing every detail about your adventure in Halong Bay down in your diary would be a very good way to immerse yourself into the experience.

5. Cameras

The stunning beauty of Halong Bay is not meant to be missed out! You don’t have to prepare the most expensive gear in the world to afford this beauty, but simply use the best you have to record the views within your memories about the place. Cameras cannot be left behind if you want to capture the breathtaking sights and savour the moments of your family and friends.

6. Binoculars

While traveling, passengers might pass by islets without directly entering the venues. So, to have your own binoculars to watch their beauty from afar is absolutely worth it!

7. Backup batteries and charger

Halong impresses many visitors by its breathtaking scenery so bring backup batteries to make sure you You do not want to miss a good moment just because your camera is out of battery. Charge all your batteries so that you will not need to worry while taking great pictures of Halong Bay and its caves.

8. Smartphone and laptop

You can also bring your smartphone and laptop with you as most of the cruises are now equipped with WIFI. Therefore, you can easily contact with your family, friends and stream your adventure live to them.

9. Electrical Adapter

Different countries have different outlets, Vietnam and Halong Bay now use mostly 220V, so it’s best to make sure to bring your own adapters to still able to use electric devices.

10. Water bottle

Most cruise operators will provide water bottles daily and include meals. But it is best to carry your own bottle to contribute to reducing plastic discharging into the environment.

11. Snack

I would not also recommend spending money on board because everything is highly overpriced. Instead, you can buy snacks at a convenience store with a low and fixed price.

12. Sunscreen

Vietnam is a tropical country, so the sun will be harsh, especially for a summer cruise in Halong. Many beaches are included in the itinerary, so sunscreen is a must-have item in your suitcase. A waterproof and about 50 SPF sunscreen is better. Remember to re-apply the sunscreen after several hours. You won’t want a sunburn after kayaking.

13. Footwear

I would not suggest high-heels or luxurious shoes at all because you are traveling and exploring, You should wear something simple and comfortable. The cave is beautiful but sometimes is steep and slippery. A good pair of sport shoes will ensure your safety and comfort. In case you want to chill on the sundeck or use a comfortable type of footwear to walk on the beach, the flipflops will allow your toes to breathe thoroughly and sandals are perfect for walking around onboard.

14. Clothes

It depends on your personal needs, but I would love to suggest that you bring one pair of clothes for a 2 day trip, or two pairs for a 3 day trip, plus one set of pajamas to sleep at night. All cruises also provide many extra activities such as kayaking or swimming, so you should also bring along a swimming suit. If you travel in winter (from November to March), you should pack thick and warm clothes. Summer is from May to September which is suitable for swimming under clear blue skies, so you also may want to bring along some shorts, skirts or sleeveless T-shirts.

15. Sunglasses

Throw on some shades to protect your eyes against the sunlight while tanning on the pristine beach in Halong Bay.

16. Big hat

Benefiting sun protection, a big hat will surely keep the toxic UV rays that might cause skin issues. The sunlight is extremely stronger in Nature than itself in the land.

17. Umbrella & raincoat

Traveling in a tropical country during summertime, rains might come suddenly. Preparing your own umbrella or raincoat while trekking in Cat Ba island, nothing big to worry about.

18. Medicine

Popular medicine and emergency kit are available onboard. However, in case you need some special treatment, it can be difficult to find the right type of medicine in the middle of the sea. If you have sea sickness, allergies or respiratory disease but still want to witness the magnificence of Halong Bay, medical supplies are definitely what you must pack for cruises in Halong Bay. You cannot easily go to a hospital while in the middle of the sea, and it would take much time to get back to the port.

19. Toiletries

Most cruise operators always offer personal care sets for passengers, but in case you prefer using your own stuff, don’t forget to bring them along to feel the most comfortable on board.
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