Winter Swimming in Halong Bay

Winter Swimming in Halong Bay Winter swimming is the activity of swimming during the winter season in Halong Bay, typically in beaches or in in the onboard pools. A trip to discover World Heritage site in cold weather and Enjoy winter’s all inclusive getaway on 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights cruise in Halong Bay.

Swimming During the Winter Months

The temperature of Halong Bay is around 13-20°C, the weather is cold with strong wind. There are times of heavy fog with low visibility in winter, Taking a winter cruise is a great time of year to enjoy Halong Bay. The cold weather is great for swimming in Halong Bay during winter months, in particular, is not recommended for local people who are used to the tropical climate.

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However, the average sea temperature in winter is actually not too cold to swim (especially in the afternoon) for foreign tourists who come from countries with a temperature of below C degree in winter. Swimming is considered a good activity for you to stay in shape during winter.


The cold weather of Halong Bay will start from December and may last until late February

Swimming in Cold Water

Swimming is known to be a great overall body workout. It is essentially a cardiovascular activity and any cardio done on a regular basis lowers. There are many theories on the benefits of cold water swimming, amongst these are that as well as being surprisingly addictive, it's said to give the immune system a kick start and gives an amazing sense of well-being which can benefit your mental state of being.

Take note that the average temperature during the day may make the sea temperature colder than it actually is so tourists should still take some precautions tips:

  • Do not dive in the water immediately. Warm-up activities can help you minimize any shock effect caused by the cold sea temperature.
  • Do not go over your limit: Your body will get accustomed to the cold but do not spend too much time in the cold water. When you start feeling numb in your toes and fingers, take it as a sign to come out of the water right away.
  • Keep yourself warm and dry immediately after you get out avoiding shivering, which can lead to a cold. However, do not try to increase your body temperature too fast with hot water: it can do more harm and good. A dry tower and warm clothes are much better options.
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