What bad weather might occur in Halong Bay?

Many distinct features of sub-tropical weather will most likely to occur, such as: tropical storm, typhoon, thick fog, tropical monsoon, cyclone, and thunderstorm…
Travellers to Vietnam and Halong Bay should be aware that the weather is rather unpredictable and can vary greatly even within one single day. Summer lasts from May to September when it is hot and humid and the region experiences its highest rainfall. Halong Bay is situated at the Gulf of Tokin of Vietnam. As a sub-tropical country with a long coast line, Vietnam “receives” more than 10 tropical storms or typhoons each year. Not to mention, foggy weather and monsoon which happen frequently during winter time. Bad weather like these will affect greatly on your cruise which usually lead to cancelation. However, there is charm and enchantment whether rain or shine: rainy season make the scenery more mysical and dramatic, bright sun accentuates the various shades of gray of the seascape, etc.

All cruise companies in Halong Bay need permission to be allowed to sail in Halong Bay by the Management Board of Halong Bay. In case of bad weather conditions, cruise can be postponed, shortened or cancelled and Halong Bay Management Board will be in charge of making decision. If your cruise is cancelled by Management Board of Halong Bay due to unexpected bad weather, Halongbaycruise.vn CANNOT do anything as it is for your safety.

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