At what time can we take good photos on the Halong beach?

Well I know about this, you can do it only twice a day in Halong Bay. Once early in the morning during sunrise and the other time during sunset in Halong Bay. Both these times are best suited for photography due to the so-called magic hours. Since, the early and the last rays of the sun are soft and dreamy, the Sunrise and sunset on the beach gives amazing vivid smooth colours to the pictures. Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful sightseeing in Vietnam. Therefore, it is a must-see destination for everyone travel to Vietnam both short and long time.

La Paci Cruise Kayaking
La Paci Cruise Kayaking

One of the most photogenic corners of this beautiful world, Halong Bay boasts perfect scenery at every turn. During a day, you can catch the beautiful moment of Halong bay anytime, but the most preferable time is sunrise and sunset. It’s advised to book a 2 day or 3 day Halong Bay tour on a Halong bay cruise, it allows you to enjoy the entire beauty of the bay from dawn to when the night falling down.

A breathtaking view of Halong Bay at sunrise

Floating above the waters of Halong Bay right before sunrise. Halong Bay is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and is visited by thousands of tourists each day. Especially the 2 or 3 day cruises are extremely popular since you can sleep on the boat and see Halong Bay in all its glory. This photos was taken before sunrise on a quiet morning and shows the serene of Halong Bay.

Paloma Cruise
Paloma Cruise
A breathtaking view of Halong Bay at sunset

Tourists in Vietnam travel will fall in love with the beauty of Halong Bay - A surprising beauty captivating all the hearts. When the last sunlight of a day light up through rocky mountains, Ha Long flashes up its surprisingly pretty. The beautiful yellow sunlight does not spread like the summer sun, but  playing hide and seek, slowly spreading colors on the waves, on the hulls and cliffs as if gilding on them.

Aphrodite cruise Activity
Aphrodite cruise Activity

The mid-day

Well you can try shooting during the mid-day as the water will be bright and vivid , but since the sun is overhead the light is very harsh it will produce dark shadows. Portraits won’t come out that well in this light but experimenting with various lighting conditions might yield amazing unexpected results.

Paloma cruise
Paloma cruise

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