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In this booking form the word “Company” refers to HalongBayCruise.vn (a Member of Indochina Legend Co., Ltd). “Consumer” means you, the person who agrees to buy the tour or any person on whose behalf you agree to purchase the tour and who is listed on the Reservation Form. The word “Tour” refers to the trip being booked by the consumer.

1. The Contract

A. Formation of the Contract

No contract shall arise until the Company has received
(i) completed online payment form
(ii) full payment or deposit for the Tour

B. Termination of the contract:
The Company reserves the right to terminate this Contract if the behavior or conduct of a Consumer either prior to or during a Tour is likely to endanger the safety or well being of other Consumers in his company or that of the Consumer himself. When the contract is cancelled in such cases, normal cancellation charges apply as set out below. If your actions or those of any member of your party cause damage to the accommodation in which you are staying, or cause delay or diversion to any means of transportation, you agree to fully indemnify the Company against any claim (including legal costs) made against the Company by or on behalf of the owners of such accommodation or the operator of such means of transportation.

2. Deposit/Payment Online

Full payment is not required at time of booking online (If the Booking is over one month to go). Customers only pay in advance as deposit US$ 100, US$ 200, US$ 300 or US$ 500 when consumer decides to book/confirm the Booking via website or email (depend on the value of the cruise packages. Larger than US$ 500 may be required). The balance will be paid on arrival by customers (Credit Card or Cash: US$ or VND)
When customers confirm the Booking less than one week to go. Full payment is requested.
Payment must be made by major credit card (Visa Card, Master Card, JCB, Unionpay & American Express) via Auto Online Payment System (your Credit Card`s information will be secured strictly by Master Card Corp). All payment transactions are processed automatically by machine, not by human.

3. Cancellations

A. Cancellation by the Company

(i) If the Tour is not paid for by the due date, the Company shall have the right to cancel the Tour. If the Company, at the request of the Consumer, agrees to delay cancellation of the Tour then, if the Company subsequently cancels for non-payment, the cancellation charges set out in Clause 4B shall apply and be payable by the Consumer.

(ii) In the event that the Company does not receive the minimum number of bookings to provide a Tour, the Company shall be entitled to cancel or curtail a Tour at any time up to 1 week prior to the arrival of the Consumer. The company will offer an alternative date for the tour should this arise and the Consumer shall not be entitled to make a claim for loss arising as a consequence of cancellation or curtailment in these circumstances. The Company shall notify the Consumer within seven days of cancellation or curtailment necessitated by the foregoing circumstances.

B. Cancellation by the Consumer

Cancellations will be charged as follows:
100% money back if canceled by itself such as bad weather conditions… (100% money refunded)
Over 7 days: 0% of the cost of the Tour is forfeited
Less than 7 days: 25% of the cost of the Tour is forfeited
Over 72 hours: 50% of the cost of the Tour is forfeited
Less than 48 hours: 100% of the cost of the Tour is forfeited (no show)

C. How to refund?

All money (following cancellation policy) will be refunded via Online Payment System if Consumers make deposit/payment by Credit Card via Internet. Consumers will receive money within 3 – 4 working days when HalongBayCruise.vn do refund. If Consumers make deposit/payment by banking transfer via bank. Consumers will receive money via bank account after one week when HalongBayCruise.vn do refund!

All Consumers` right will be protected highly by HalongBayCruise.vn.

Halong Bay Cruise Booking Conditions
HalongBayCruise.vn Team.
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